Dr Ivan George Payne

by Gareth Payne

Dr Ivan George Payne

He together with his twin brother Allan formed the first association of Chiropractors in 1939.

In the 1950's Dr Ivan spearheaded the fight for the right of Chiropractor to practise freely in South Africa. The then Government wanted to introduce a Bill that actually banned Chiropractors from practising in SA and it was Ivan who single mindedly went about fighting this Bill with the help of his brother Alan and Dr Qually of Jhb.

Unfortunately they were only partally successful in that they won the right to continue practising but no new Chiroprators were welcome to operate in SA until this changed in the 1980's.

The twins were also instrumental in assisting with the establishment of the Chiopractic college in Dbn and Alan actually assisted with lectures there in its early stages.

Dear Gareth,
Many thanks for this interesting contribution.

Do you know if either Dr Alan or Dr Ivan are in the photograph from 1963 on this page? Do you perhaps recognise any of the other unnamed chiropractors in that photograph, particularly the woman.

Do you have any old photographs of either of them that you could scan and send to me please?

I was in fact of the those "ghosts" who practised in the early 1980's until the register was reopened.

Those days were the inspiration for my first book, Frog in my Throat written under the nom de plume, Bernard Preston.

Once again, heartfelt thanks for your contribution.

Barrie Lewis DC

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