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Nov 08, 2020
Dr Arthur Cracknell
by: Jane O'Byrne

Further to Vanessa's piece about Dr Arthur Cracknell (RIP), my late father suffered excruciating back pain in the late 60s/early 70s, in Johannesburg, where conventional therapies proved to be completely ineffective.

In desperation he consulted Dr Cracknell, who was able to resolve the pain, which had become almost disabling. He continued to be a patient, becoming a dear friend as well, until we left South Africa in 1973. A wonderful, sympathetic, caring man!

Many thanks for this contribution, Jane.

Dr Cracknell was working at a particularly difficult time for chiropractors in South Africa, when medical antagonism was extremely vindictive, not just here but world wide. Fortunately we have good legislation now, and work in far more comfortable circumstances.

The beloved country is crying I'm afraid; I hope you have chosen a happier place, but the whole world seems to be in difficulties.

I write a newsletter on general health for both ourselves and the planet. If interested take a look at any page at, my nom de plume.

Once again, thank you for your blog. We appreciate it.

Dr B.R. Lewis DC

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