Clicking of lumbar spine

by Lynne
(New Zealand)

Clicking of lumbar spine

I had a L5-S1 microdiscectomy 1 month ago for a disc prolapse. I had the same surgery done 3 years ago. I am mobilising more and more now but I am experiencing quite a lot of low back pain.

What is concerning me the most is a cracking sensation in the lumbar spine with movement. It most often occurs when I make small twisting movements. I have not experienced this before. Should I be concerned or will this pass as my back heals?

Hello Lynne,
I'm afraid you're directing this question to the wrong person, and I'm really not sure of the answer. Ask the surgeon.

Certainly it's early days after surgery and I'd be inclined NOT to be too concerned. When some of the disc is lost (either because of the slipped disc, or from the surgery where it may have been intentionally removed), the facet joints settle deeper on each other. That's probably where the clicking is coming from.

More important, has the leg pain sciatica stopped?

Separately, I've sent you one of our newsletters about lower back exercises ... ask the surgeon which are appropriate at this stage.

Clicking facets are likely to wear faster if it goes on, and cause a lumbar facet arthropathy excuse the naughty picture but it very clearly demonstrates the normal "lordosis" in the lower back.

Has Chiropractic a role to play? Perhaps. Certainly if the leg pain hasn't stopped.

I recommend you go on with those lower back exercises every day. EVERY day, even when it's not sore. They take less than two minutes, two minutes of prevention is better than another surgery in three years time, and that one will be a full fusion with steel plates and screws.

Important: get your kids doing these exercises daily too. There's a 60% chance their backs will be as bad as yours, or worse. That's sobering.

Let me know what the surgeon's response to your question is, and give us an update in a couple months.

Find a good chiropractor may be your next step.

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Dr B]

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