Coccyx broke in 2004, now sore for four years with involved issues

by Cassady
(Philly, Pa)

Does hurt anywhere?

Does hurt anywhere?

Hi, I was wearing Japanese long socks without the long socks glue (Google it, it's crazy) in 2004 and slipped on my stairs, landed on my butt, breaking my coccyx, busting a blood vessel in my eye and passing out.

I sat on the donut for weeks, then the pain went away.

Recently, maybe 2014, maybe later, my tailbone has started being sore. I have neck, shoulder, back and head pain.
I have started getting Acephalgic migraine, and blue and red colors are super vivid now.

I was okay for a month, then I sat at my therapist's office for 5 hours and a day later, sore tailbone and back and shoulder pain. 2 days ago I started feeling like I had to pee every 30 mins.
I think the coccyx injury and re-injury has caused muscle spasm etc.
What can I do?

Hello Cassady,
I take it your are thirty odd, not sixty. After hormone replacement treatment, incontinence is a not so uncommon sequela, but I don't think that's your problem.

The first step is a simple urine analysis just to be sure you don't have a bladder infection.

When you have generalised pain, I always think of three things:

1. Do you have a significantly short leg; ask someone to stand behind you, place their hands on your hips and eyeball them; then bend slowly forwards; is there a scoliosis or distinct unleveling of the hips?

2. How active are you? Are you going for walks regularly, doing lower back exercises and generally busy? If not then of course you have back pain, and are visiting the therapist regularly. Simple regular exercise of your choice is the cure for a host of ailments.

3. Are you enjoying a typical American diet which is highly inflammatory, not only of joints and muscles, but organs too. Sit on a donut by all means, but never eat one. Are you using high omega-6 seed oils? How often do you enjoy fatty fish? Are you eating your greens? These are all things that profoundly affect our mental and physical health.

The coccyx is very tied up with the sacroiliac joint, as is a short leg. It's a very common source of low back pain; have your chiropractor examine your pelvis.

Obviously, unable to examine you I'm shooting in the dark, Cassady. Hope you spelt your own name right, I'm just copying it. None or all of this may fit. You make no mention of any treatment, but it's time you consulted someone knowledgeable about such things.

I hope this contributes.

Dr Barrie Lewis

> > Coccyx broke in 2004, now sore for four years with involved issues

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Burning in coccyx

by Chris
(Regina Saskatchewan Canada)

> > Burning in coccyx

My name is Chris and I am 59 year old female 5'2 105 lbs. I have been off work for eight months. I am currently on 6 mg of Hydromorph and 75 mg of Lyrica. This is a low dose and does little for my pain; but unfortunately I have been on the medication for eight months and have had to decrease the medication due to side effects.

I suffer from burning pain at coccyx when seated, standing and walking for more than 15 minutes. I have constant burning pain at coccyx but when you manually press on the coccyx it doesn't hurt; just a referral pain. I awake in the morning with bilateral aching pain in hips, gluteals and often referring into pelvis. I am in constant burning and aching pain with occasional shooting pain across my sacrum. I used to get pain relief by laying down but that is no longer. I am progressively getting worse and have been seeking Chiropractic, Physiotherapy, Massage Therapy, Pain Specialist all along.

My Sacroiliac joints tend to stick back and forth; changes from treatment to treatment. MRI showed small disc herniation at L4-L5 but Dr's believe this is too small for the cause of my pain. I have had MRI'S, CAT scans, blood work, XRAYS, Cortisone injection in coccyx, Colonoscopy and Pelvic ultrasound.

Currently seeing a Chiropractor three times a week; he utilizes a flexion-distraction table, adjustments, Graston Technique, Voodo Floss, Active Release Technique are some of his modalities that I am being treated with currently. Through recent research of the Cluneal Nerve entrapment I would be interested in using the "Activator" for treatment.

Hello Chris,
Mm, this is difficult, and it would seem that folk have missed the diagnosis if none of the treatments are helping.
If there is absolutely no tenderness on deep pressure on the coccyx then I'd think it unlikely that you are suffering from coccydynia.

I'm assuming x-rays do not show sharply orientated anteriorally? Also, having pain when walking doesn't fit. Does it make a difference if you walk slowly, stand around, or walk fast?

If you lie on your back and pull each knee to the chest, then the opposite shoulder, and then make a circle, you get no pain in the groin, hip or sacroiliac joints?

Seen a urologist and gynae?

I'm sorry, but I have little to contribute. I have had similar cases, with no diagnosis, and the only treatment that seem to help was deep soft tissue therapy around the sacrum, coccyx and gluteal folds. It's helps a bit but was not really satisfactory long term.

Dr Barrie Lewis

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