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Dec 15, 2022

by: Barrie

Has anything developed, Chris, since you originally wrote this?

When all else fails do simple, gentle lower back exercises every single morning before arising from bed. You can find some in the main menu; they take about two minutes.

Dr B.R. Lewis, DC.

Mar 10, 2022
coccyx pain
by: Carol

For 3 months now I thought I was having back pain that led to the burning pain I have in my coccyx bone area.

I have decompressed disks in my lumbar area which I have gone through an epidural and the latest was cauterizing the nerves that were pinched in my back. None of this has helped and the pain is so bad that I can not sit for long and getting in and out of bed is extremely painful that I give up sleeping in bed no longer that 4 hours.

I also have sciatica pain in my legs (mostly right side) that is excruciating when I move too quickly or sit or lie down. I tend to sit forward on a chair because that relieves some of the coccyx pain and I used a pillow designed to help. I have tried rubs for arthritis, I'm currently on controlled medication but it does not help any. Do you have an answer for me?

Hello Carol,
It's a sad tale heard so frequently as doctors get ever more desperate to cure you of your ailments.

No, I do not have an answer, but I do have some suggestions.

Two roads have diverged before you, using imagery from Robert Frost's immortal poem. You have travelled that with the "better claim." What is encouraging is that you clearly now see that the one less travelled just may make all the difference.

My first suggestion is to avoid analgesics as far as you can; look rather to ice and heat, and massage whilst lying on your side, not on your tum.

My second is to start doing gentle exercises every single morning before arising from your bed of woe. In fact to begin with, I'd do them every hour. See more at our website; they take only one minute.

Start taking regular short walks during the day; perhaps just a few minutes initially. Don't push it.

Absolutely avoid the vacuum cleaner for ever, and the broom initially.

And finally get yourself onto an anti-inflammatory diet. That means avoiding inflammatory foods, anything that raises your blood sugar sharply, refined carbs basically, and on to many different coloured fruits and vegetables every day. And omega 3 from fatty fish and freshly ground flax seed.

Without those, no treatment will work well. For the specifics you need a thorough local chiropractor; I'm sure one of my colleagues can help you. It will not be a cure, but would you be satisfied with 50% less pain?

God bless, Carol, you can do this; it will be hard but you can do it. Let me know how you get on in a couple months.

Dr B.R. Lewis DC

Jun 22, 2018
Finally pain management
by: Anonymous

I was given every opiate on the market and finally put on methadone for pain management ..increased dosage 3 times and still pain was 8 to 9 out of 10 and I wasn't eating or sleeping and went to 85 lbs. Then a new doctor put me on CBD oil with 20 to 1 CBD TO THC ratio and within days my pain started to stop and now I am back to work after 3 years on disability and my pain level dropped to 1 or 2 on pain scale. CBD oil gave me quality of life is a Godsend. I am so grateful to have my pain virtually gone.

Wonderful that it's working for you. Still, take care how you sit.

Dr Barrie Lewis

Dec 08, 2015
Reply to leg length discrepancy
by: Chris Gavin

Chiro measured with tape...leg length equal.

One thing I missed telling you was when I am in the supine position and testing rotation of the hip; I have full mobility; lateral and medial. When I am in the prone position I have no mobility in lateral rotation of the hip; L worse than R currently but have full mobility of medial rotation.

It is a hard end feel with hip drag. Even if you hold down the sacrum the femur doesn't rotate laterally. I can get there with post isometric relaxation technique but the technique doesn't last. My chiropractor says my R SIJ is stuck; lack of spring. Internal assessment of pelvic floor is "like guitar strings." I have taken a break from all treatments for they are becoming aggravating and am focusing on diaphragmatic breathing with pelvic floor release and relaxation.

Hello again, Chris,
I have little faith in measuring leg length with a tape; ask your husband to stand behind you, placing a hang on each iliac crest. Are they level? A few millimetres is difficult, but anything over five usually is fairly obvious.

I frankly don't understand that internal hip rotation is lost lying prone, but normal when supine. If you press deep in the groin, and run the thumb down the inner thigh is it inordinately tender?

Swimming might help.

Let me know please if there are any new developments.

Dr Barrie Lewis

Nov 20, 2015
by: Chris Gavin

I had xrays taken and only thing noted was ala's of sacrum were irregular shape..nothing abnormal in coccyx noted. I don't have pain walking but can't walk for more than 15 mins because I get back pain because my innominates aren't moving properly which stresses my back. It is more comfortable to walk briskly..I can't stand around or walk slow as it is painful..I can't stand in one place long and the pain increases.

My lumber has very little lordotic curve. An MRI shows small disc herniation at L4 L5 but surgeon says too small to operate on. My psoas doesn't test tight in passive range of motion nor my ham strings but my glute max has sag..when test active hip extension my glutes fire before my hamstrings. Seeking 2nd opinion on pelvic floor.

Hello Chris,
This suggests that you must be examined for a short leg; it's very typical that you can walk fast, but standing and walking slowly are difficult. Use our search engine at chiropractic help to find the pages with leg length inequality in.

Dr Barrie Lewis

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