Chiropractor Dick Lewis

by Dr Sue Halsey
(Pine Beach, NJ.)

My uncle, Richard Lewis was caddy to a wealthy man called Brad. I believe that either Brad or he got hurt playing golf, and they went to a chiropractor to get fixed up, and that's where Uncle Rich got interested in chiro. It was Brad who sponsored him throught Palmer College.

Grandpa Lewis (his father) worked for the gun companies as a metallurgist. It was during WW2. He worked for both Smith and Wesson, and Remington in his career but easy for Uncle Rich to get a job there when his Dad worked there! They also stayed with my Mom and Dad for a while when they were waiting for the ship to go back to South Africa just after the war.

Rich's golf handicap might have been three then, but he went down to scratch (0) at times, especially when he played with Gary Player--they used to play together, remember.

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