Burning tingling in feet and sometimes in hands along with left leg feeling longer and groin ache and lower left side back and hip ache

by Kazzy
(United kingdom)

Maignes syndrome radiation

Maignes syndrome radiation

A very large man fell on my left arm at hospital as i was sitting him up...he died..i moved fast as i wrenched my arm free to get help and the next days my shoulder arm and chest felt bruised and i had a burning nagging ache in my left groin like i had twisted myself..got worse all my middle of body seemd bloated had extreme groin lower back and hip.pelvic pain ..

Doctor said i had front lower crest injury ..started to have physio along with medication and accupunture..now 5 months later i have tingling in my feet and hands and after walking for 3 hours i'm dragging my left leg and my left foot feels like i stood on a nail and my lower back and groin pubic area becomes that nagging pain ache again...

My left leg feels longer unless i do a buttock squeeze and it lifts my left foot heel off the floor making both legs feel the same .

Saw a physio again and they say its probably sciatica and i'm having lumber scan for sciatica..but im not convinced its sciatica as i have never had pain in my legs or buttock....

Always the pain very extreme for months was in my left groin and left pelvic region and middle of my back along my waistline hip and left foot...

what shall i do? ask for a more fuller scan than one just for sciatica..im scared i have really injured myself when i pulled my arm from under the guy and ran for help..

i was told to be like rocky in the movie and push myself excercise but when i have i seem to be worse ..

Best position for relief is lying on my right side with knees bent and using a heat pad

Hello Kazzy,
A sad tale of woe, gosh you are sore.

Firstly, sciatica isn't diagnosed from an MRI but a very simple orthopedic test. Type Slump Test into the Search this Site function at C-H and let me know the result. Secondly, with sciatica, when you bend forwards (and sometimes backwards in the older person), you'll have a very tight painful feeling in one leg.

Pain at waist height radiating into the groin. Sounds like Maignes syndrome. Likewise the Search function.

Does pulling your knee to your chest and the rotating the knee feel restricted and painful in the groin? It could be a hip condition, but that doesn't really fit with your history. Nevertheless needs to be examined and ruled out.

Meralgia Paresthetica too.

Frankly there are a lot of possibilities. Get to see an experience chiro, perhaps print this out adn take it with you.

Start the Lower Back Exercises at C-H, and the Maignes syndrome exercises (search function), faithfully every morning before you get out of bed.

The foot pain may be related, or another condition.

Think Femoral nerve, rather than Sciatic nerve by the sounds of things (Search function at C-H).

Good luck, I hope this has contributed. Get latest newsletter from the bottom of any page at C-H - on lower back exercises. In fact sign up for the newsletter.

Let me know how the Slump Test goes and whether bending forward hurts in the leg. And what the hip movement does. Ask for an X-ray of the pelvis too.

Dr Barrie Lewis

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Mar 21, 2012
reply to above
by: Anonymous

sorry i made an error in the above comment ...it should say " i am happy to say that i AM having an xray of my pelvis and lumber spine ...geez fancy me writing i am happy as i am not not having an xray

Mar 21, 2012
reply to before query
by: kazzy

after receiving your email i went again to the doctor who examined me ..my slump test was positive ..i have no problem touching my toes or pain in either legs or bending backwards..but when the doc examined me i almost shot through the ceiling when he pressed on my groin pubic ramus pelvis ..and found it very restricted and painful when he pressed my left knee outwards as i lay on my back with both knees bent...i am happy to say i am not referred for an xray of my pelvis and lumber spine ..i also showed the doctor how one leg was longer than the other unless i squuezed my buttock cheeks together tightly and it lifted my heel off my left foot off the ground slightly and then i felt both legs were the same....you are doing a really super job being so kind to people like myself ....i feel a weight has been taken off my shoulders i was beginning to feel depressed that there was no answers from either the physiotherapist/orthopedic practioner and doctor and i was thinking people were beginning to think i was being "soft" after 5 months of saying this and that ..thank you again

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