Leg Length Inequality CaseFile

Leg Length Inequality CaseFile is the story of a young man with a seven year history of a shortened limb and associated low back pain.

Mr T, aged 24 had a motor cycle accident seven years ago in which he apparently had a "splinter" in the hip, whatever that is. Ever since he has had daily lower lumbar back pain.

He has never had leg pain so there is no suggestion of a lumbar disc protrusion.

X-ray explaining lower back pain due to leg length inequality.

On examination

There were only two significant findings.

  1. On motion palpation of the sacroiliac joint anatomy he had a very significant SI fixation, but all orthopaedic tests were negative.
  2. On simple observation he had a very obvious pelvic tilt with a short right leg.
Motion palpation of the sacroiliac joint.


"Miracles, chiropractors do at once. The impossible takes a little longer!"

Dr Unity Lewis, DC.

This is one of the simplest cases I've ever treated. I asked him to place a 3mm heel lift in his right shoe, do a simple set of exercises that you can download for free from chiropractic tips, and applied what we shall call sacroiliac joint treatment.

It's what chiropractors excel in. Miracles!

After only one adjustment, and the heel lift, he had no pain. He's now been under care for three months (five treatments), and today he declared he had absolutely no discomfort. And has had none for a four weeks.

He's doing his exercises faithfully, and wears the heel lift every day.

Leg Length Inequality CaseFile

Patients like this leg length inequality casefile walk every day into every chiropractor's office. What remains controversial is just how many millimetres constitutes a short limb.

What is also difficult is that sometimes an orthotic may balance the pelvis but increase the lumbar curvature.

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Arthritis in lower back

Significant leg length inequality, particular if associated with a shifted sacrum, low on the same side can result in severe arthritis in lower back. Then it can be tricky.

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