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There are in Chiropractor Midrand Randburg Sandton numerous excellent registered DCs able to help you with your joint and muscle injuries.

Only choose one who is registered with CASA; those who submit to the disciplines of belonging to their professional bodies.

There are numerous important questions that need to be asked if you are suffering from migraine headache or head neck pain. Here are a few that spring to mind:

Do you have pain in the ear, in front of the ear, on the side of your face? Does your jaw joint click or pop?

Head Neck Pain

Do you sleep on your tum? The hyaline cartilage in the spine gets its nutrition primarily at night when you are lying down. Free from the effect of gravity, the joints of the spine imbibe fresh nutrients and oxygen. Lying on your tum, with your neck twisted, places the discs under pressure, and they draw in less fluid than is needed. The result is immobilisation arthritis. Pain and stiffness.

The trigeminal nerve is involved in many of the conditions involving tooth, sinus and facial pain; and, because it's sensory nucleus is located in the neck, cervical spine pain is a common symptom.

The jaw joint is commonly the underlying cause of many of these syndromes; if yours clicks, pops or hurts, make sure you tell your chiropractor.

The distribution of the trigeminal nerve that is the cause of much facial pain.

CHIROPRACTOR Midrand Randburg Sandton


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  • Are you feeling sick, running a temperature? Meningitis is a killer, and it all starts with a headache and a very stiff neck. MENINGITIS ...

  • What injuries have you had? Any falls from horses, bicycles, motor cycles or down the staircase? Have you banged your head whilst diving into shallow water? Any whiplash in motor vehicle accidents? Whiplash and the Joints of Luschka ...

Small accessory joints in the neck, when injured in trauma to the neck, become arthritic affecting the nerve roots as we get older.

What medication are you taking? Do you have any gastric or urinary tract problems? Have you ever watched the Kidney Olympics on TV?

The talk at the end by a urologist made an indelible impression on me. Most of the participants had lost their kidneys from taking over the counter painkillers.

Anti inflammatory drugs have a place in health care, obviously, but they do grossly increase gastrointestinal and kidney problems and cause many deaths. Dual antiinflammatory drugs such as aspirin and brufin simultaneously are definitely taboo.

Frequent analgesics actually cause Rebound Headaches.

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Thoracic Outlet Syndrome


Do you have obscure tingling in your arm and or hand? Is it worse when you work above your head, hanging up the washing or changing a light bulb? Non dermatomal pain and tingling in the arm may emanate from a first rib subluxation. It usually responds well to Chiropractic.

A first rib subluxation also makes you more vulnerable to conditions in the arm such as frozen shoulder, tennis arm and carpal tunnel syndrome.

At some of these pages you'll read that orthopaedic opinion too states that conditions in and around the neck contribute to many of the syndromes affecting the arm.

The C5 nerve root supplies, in addition to the upper arm, two muscle groups in the midback; specifically around the shoulder blade. A deep ache in the rhomboid area is a diagnostic nightmare; it can emanate from the neck, the thoracic spine and the joints with the rib. In addition, it can come from the lungs and other organs.

An untreated rib subluxation is one of the causes of a nasty breastbone condition called Tietze's syndrome.

Tietze's syndrome


Chestpain needs to be carefully diagnosed. Commonly an emergency room finding is that the patient is not suffering from a heart attack, but from Tietzes Syndrome. Typically, if you press on the joints where the ribs meet the breastbone, they can be very tender and sore. Not a heart attack.

Lumbar Slipped Disc Symptoms

Do you have sharp stabbing low back pain, perhaps radiating to your leg, aggravating by sitting, forward bending, and the triad of Dejeurine: Coughing, Sneezing and Bearing down? These are Slipped disc symptoms and signs.

If the pain or tingling or tightness starts in the thigh or calf, we recommend you don't wait. See your Chiropractor immediately.

From the Chiropractic Coalface

Man standing in an antalgic posture with a postero lateral disc herniation.

Really serious lumbar disc injuries almost always follow this course:

  • Mr S, a 48-year old man lifted a heavy block in the garden three weeks ago, bending and twisting simultaneously. He had a severe stab of pain in the back.
  • He consulted his doctor the next day who prescribed antiinflammatory drugs. Within a week the pain was nearly over.
  • He went on a long drive, and then ambled and stood for much of the day at a theme park. Then drove home that evening.
  • During the night he developed very severe pain in the lower calf muscle, and when he stood he was horribly bent and twisted to the side, in this instance TOWARDS the painful leg, in what I call the "sign of Pisa".
  • A further ominous sign: he had almost NO back pain.
Pisa sign leaning to the left.
  • A further week of his doctor's pills brought no relief at all to the severe pain in his leg. In fact it got worse.
  • One week ago he consulted me, barely able to walk, in very severe pain. Leg pain.
  • Yesterday, after three treatments, he's standing upright, and the pain in his leg is about 20-30% less. He's lucky, we're still a long way from home-base and he's still on the verge of major surgery. But all the indications are for a good resolution of his case.

THE MORAL OF THE STORY: Pain is your friend. He's telling you there's a problem. Turning him off makes no more sense than turning off the burglar alarm, and presuming the burglars have left your home.

The pain from a mild disc injury may recede fairly quickly - but it takes a minimum of six weeks for the disc to heal.


Poor bowel habits, and a twenty-first century diet, contribute to an enormous number of deaths; painful deaths. Because diseases of the colon and rectum are not pleasant.

There's only weak anecdotal evidence that chiropractic help for the spine can contribute to the problem; but there's very strong evidence that a few simple dietary changes can totally ameliorate the problem.

A good start is with scientifically proven grandma's medicine; quick constipation relief ...

For more details on the physiology behind constipation, you might enjoy our Chiropractic Help newsletter #41: Adult potty training.

Constipation man on the loo.


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