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It is now widely accepted in the literature that patients suffering from repeated episodes of lower back pain should look to various stabilization exercises to improve the neuromuscular control during various activities, such as using the vacuum cleaner, for example.

There is much interest in the literature currently as to whether some may be more effective than others for different types of lower back pain; for example, whether you go into what is known as a pelvic shift, also called an antalgia. In common usage, do you periodically look like the leaning tower of Pisa?

For example, the very simple abdominal hollow exercise has been shown to be more effective than no treatment at all, regular medical treatment and general exercise like walking.

Every morning, before arising, simply lie on your back in bed with hips and knees at ninety degrees; rapidly contract and relax the tummy muscles without lifting the pelvis or arching the back.

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Such exercises have addressed the

  • Abdominal muscles
  • Deep lumbopelvic muscles
  • The multifidi
An antalgia to the right.

CHIROPRACTOR GlenHazel Highlands Linksfield Oaklands Waverley

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A healthy body requires and fully functioning nervous system, plenty of activity and a complete diet; that should include some vegetable protein, like chickpeas, very little high glycemic carbohydrate and nutritious fats including those from fish, olive and avocado.

Notice how the nerve emerges from the spinal foramen neatly between two joints; the facet joint posteriorally and the disc joint anteriorally. A disturbance in either joint causing what is called a fixation, or subluxation, can irritate the nerve causing what is known medically as a paresthesia.

Ignored, the skin will become first very sensitive, and then numb, and the muscle supplied by the nerve may begin to atrophy or shrink.

Your chiropractor will test the reflexes and use a pinwheel to assess the sensory status of your skin.

Most commonly affected muscles are those that raise the heel and great toe in the foot, the quadriceps at the knee, and triceps at the elbow; less commonly those in the hand.

Tingling in arms and hands

Tingling usually means a disturbance within your neurological system, though a decreased blood supply can also cause tingling. This could be in the brain, spinal cord, or anywhere along the course of the peripheral nerve, but the most likely entrapment is as the nerve emerges from the spine

A good lumbar foramen is essential for passage of the nerve roots.

Organs supplied by the nerve are also affected. Interesting research for example shows that subluxations in the midback cause a higher incidence of stomach ulcers. The stomach is really just a specialised muscle...

Diagram illustrating where the nerves and artery are affected in thoracic outlet syndrome.

The thoracic outlet syndrome is another condition where a subluxated first rib, amongst other things, can affect the nerves passing to the arm, making one vulnerable complaints such as frozen shoulder.

Risking criticism for gross generalities, chiropractic is centred on hyaline cartilage and healthy fats. That means movement of the joints and a healthy diet.

Facets and discs are lined with hyaline cartilage which has no blood supply of its own. It is supplied by the synovial fluid in the joint. In the presence of subluxations, the oxygen and nutrients are not adequately refreshed. The result is immobilisation arthritis, the most common cause of stiffness in the spine.

Waste products too build up in fixated joints irritating the nerves in the foramena as they exit from the spine.

Just as important, those nerves are lined with a fatty sheath (called a myelin sheath). It's vital for healthy conduction that your nerves are coated with the healthy fats, predominantly those from fish, the olive and avocado. Nuts and other foods of course also contain smaller amounts of the healthy fatty acids. Research strongly recommends avoiding the trans fats form in hydrogenated foods.

Tingling in feet and legs

CHIROPRACTOR GlenHazel Highlands Linksfield Oaklands Waverley

Diagram of the piriformis muscle and how it can cause sciatica.

Likewise in the lower extremity an irritated or frankly pinched nerve can cause tingling in feet and legs. TINGLING IN FEET AND LEGS ...

This could be due to a Slipped Disk for example, SLIPPED DISK ... a Spondylolysthesis, a Piriformis Syndrome and many other spinal conditions.

Coloured foods

Researchers advise us to eat a minimum of FIVE coloured fruit and veg per day. For example, strawberries, tomatoes, broccoli, carrots, beetroot... the list is endless. At Chiropractic Help we recommend you aim for TEN. The coloured foods are full of antioxidants. Cancer prevention. They also lower cholesterol and homocysteine. Apart from anything else, they taste damn good!

  • Organic Food Greens
  • Growing butternut squash

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