Chiropractor Durban North

Chiropractor Durban north helps you find your local DC if you're suffering from head and neck pain, or lower back and leg. And a host of other conditions.

The earliest DCs along the KZN coastline were certainly practising in the 1930's, and perhaps earlier. The Payne twins, Ivan and Alan, were amongst the pioneers and were prominent in forming the first association.

Even in those early days they recognised the need for an association that would represent its members, control standards of training, and even discipline any who might step beyond the bounds of professionalism. Today a united body representing over 500 persons still exists, having changed form and shape several times.

Government legislation plays an important part in the control and recognition of the profession; it's this that underpins the payment for services rendered by medical aid associations.

What are the criteria that you might use when looking for a chiropractor? Some do only manipulation, whilst others give rehabilitation, massage and dry needling; several now work primarily with athletes. A good many are young and up to date on the latest techniques and research; several of the old timers with more experience continuing in practice into their eighties. One chiropractor is very gentle; others are rough and ready.

How do you go about locating a chiropractor who suits your needs? Is finding a good chiropractor necessarily difficult?

Should you be looking for a good chiropractor you may also want to know more about chiropractic therapy.

Acute and chronic lower back pain is the most common complaint heard at most chiropractic clinics; there is an epidemic of lumbar and sacroiliac conditions and research shows that manipulation coupled with exercise is the best remedy.

There are many reasons for this proliferation of low back and leg pain; prime is our increasingly sedentary lifestyle. Many of  sit in cars and trucks, and behind computers for long hours every day.

Research indicates that anything blocking blood flow in the arteries to the lumbar spine also impedes healing. Inflammatory diets, low in omega 3 and high in cholesterol have been fingered, as has smoking.

If you are suffering regularly from lower back pain, then the time to start with a simple basic set of exercises is before the radiation down the leg begins. Done every morning before getting out of bed, they will make an enormous difference to the health of your spine. Find them in the navigation bar on your left.

Lower back and leg pain

Lower back and leg pain is the most common reason why patients consult a chiropractor.

The lumbar spine consumes more Medical Aid money than any other condition. Chiropractors are convinced they could at least halve that cost if patients first considered a spinal adjustment over drugs and surgery.

Independent research confirms that if a patient first consults a DC for their lower back pain, they are far less likely to end up under the knife.

A pinched nerve resulting in weakness in the lower leg or thigh is not very common, but it does happen when a lower back condition is neglected; a foot drop and a leg that gives at the knee are cardinal signs.

Chiropractor Durban North

Chiropractor Durban North advises there is help available for your aches and pains.

  • Dr Grant, Bruce, 110 Kensington Drive, Adelaide Tambo Dr, Durban North, 031 56313 13/14/59
  • Dr Wilson, Laura , Suite 6 Lighthouse Mall, Chartwell Drive, Umhlanga, 031 5615184  
  • Dr Bedell Sivright   
  • Dr Butt
  • Dr Chittenden  
  • Dr Dyson, David , 70 Wood Street, Montclair, and 15 Fairholm Ave, Durban North, (031) 4694192
  • Dr Fonseca
  • Dr Forder  
  • Dr Gomes  
  • Dr Bruce Grant, 110 Kensington Drive, Durban North, 0315631313/14/59  
  • Dr Harper    

Head Neck Pain

Head neck pain can absolutely ruin your life; how many analgesics and anti inflammatory drugs do you take regularly? If it's more than 5-10 then do yourself a favour and google "kidney olympics." Even that's a lot.

Our lifestyles have become increasingly sedentary, but also filled with trauma. South Africa is the number one road trauma country in the world, a truly Whiplash Chiropractic Mecca; are you suffering from headaches, jaw pain, an aching neck, or pain radiating down your arm?

In 2014, it is predicted that there will not only be 17,000 deaths on South African roads, but also 150,000 people will be injured; many fill find their way eventually into chiropractic clinics.

Chiropractor Durban North

  • Dr Haswell, Garrick , 47 MacKeurtan Avenue, Durban North, 031 5634451   
  • Dr Michelle Kew Suite 11a, Medigate Centre, Medigate Road, Umhlanga, 031 825 8938   
  • Dr Kruger
  • Dr Kruger   
  • Dr Meyer  
  • Dr Murgatroyd, Taryn , 10 Kensington Drive, Durban North, 031 5631313 
  • Dr O'Connor   
  • Dr Pastellides  
  • Dr Payne  
  • Dr Powell, Roger   
  • Dr Sigvardt
  • Dr Van Zyl   
  • Dr Wilson, Laura , Suite 6 Lighthouse Mall, Chartwell Drive, Umhlanga, 031 5615184

Amazingly there is now strong research confirming that Chiropractic can help your miserable infant, and in my experience, very quickly. The treatment is extremely gentle.  COLIC CHIROPRACTIC ...

With the large number of sportsmen and women now entering the profession, and a specialised international training known under the umbrella of FICS, many are finding that chiropractic has the answer to their injuries on the athletics tracks and squash courts.

Of particular interest to many is the prevention of hip arthritis; what was earlier assumed to be merely degenerative changes, is now known to have its roots in a variety of anomalies in the femoral head and acetabulum.

If you are experiencing groin or side of the hip stiffness or pain, don't wait until you have fully fledged osteoarthritis of the hip; a stitch in time pertains to many chiropractic and medical conditions too.

Femoro acetabular impingement syndrome causes a stiffness in the young person, and hip dysplasia can cause severe pain in the upper thigh, often radiating into the upper lumbar spine. Look for these terms in our Chiropractic Conditions page.

  • Chiropractic Conditions is a central page at Chiropractic Help. It provides you simply and easily with the sorts of conditions that the average chiropractor would be treating.
  • Healthy Living Tips is another vital page at Chiropractic Help. Sparkling good health is not just about having your subluxations adjusted. Our healthy living tips page gives you some insights into different foods you could and perhaps should be eating.

TMJ exercises

TMJ exercises is one way to help you cope with this nasty TMJ syndrome.

The jaw joint is one of the prime causes of severe migraine headaches and facial pain. The sensory nucleus of the cranial nerve supplying the TMJ is located in the neck, so there is often associated neck pain, muddying the water. Part of the solution is a set of TMJ exercises.

Extraction of wisdom teeth under a general anaesthetic is one of the causes; over opening of the jaw is not well tolerated by the disc within the joint. I wonder personally about orthodontics, though I have seen no research confirming or denying that.

Infantile colic

There is strong research confirming that colic is often caused by spinal subluxations. With many women now entering the profession, the treatment of infants is not uncommon. Colic chiropractic.

Inappropriate behaviour

Inappropriate behaviour and sexual advances by chiropractors is very uncommon, and strenuously disciplined by the Chiropractic Association of South Africa. Nevertheless it exists, as in all professions, and we recommend three steps that might be taken.

Take your partner along with you for the first few consultations. Sometimes, as in the treatment of a frozen shoulder or Tietze's syndrome, treatment must of necessity encroach on the axilla and breast.

Report any sexual advances chiropractor immediately to the association.

Before making an appointment, enquire whether the chiropractor is registered with CASA.

Healthy living tips

Healthy living tips help swing the statistics in your favour.

The large part of the fat in your diet (your brain is 60% fat, your nerves are coated with a fatty myelin sheath) should consist of mono unsaturated fatty acids and omega-3 oils. In the Western diet we eat far too much fat that is saturated and poly unsaturated; it's highly inflammatory.

Olives and avocados have a large amount of oleic acid, a monounsaturated fat; that's why they are so healthy.

It's complex biochemistry, but in short eat more

  • FISH OIL ... and better still fatty fish like West coast pilchards.
  • Olives and Avocado. OLIVE OIL BENEFITS ...
  • Freshly ground flax seed for its anti inflammatory omega 3 and lignans.

Olive Garden Menu TAPENADE

Tapenade is a wonderful pâté that will capture your guests' attention. You can rustle it up in 15 minutes if you use olives with pits (my recommendation) or, pitted, in five minutes. You probably will have to buy a bottle of capers. Otherwise, olives, lemon, olive oil, garlic and perhaps a bit of hot red pepper. Simple. 

Ginger too is a known anti inflammatory. Try a peanut and ginger sauce with your salads.

Important considerations @ Chiropractor Durban North

Do you have a question about your health?

Do you have a question? Shoot! Please include important details such as when the problem started, what increases and relieves the pain, which movements cause dizziness, for example, whether the pain radiates to all the fingers or just the thumb and forefinger, or just certain parts of the leg.

A two line question will get an answer of zero value.

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Interesting challenges of the day

1. Mr S is a 76 year old man with neck pain of some 9 months duration. Luckily, most of the discomfort is upper cervical which is only rarely arthritic; his lower cervical spine is a degenerative mess that I've left alone. After seven treatments his pain and stiffness is 50 percent better, and he's happy in the circumstances. He can sleep through the night now and that makes a huge difference.

2. Mr P is 32 year old man with very severe lower back pain radiating to the big toe which is 30 percent numb. He had an episode three weeks ago, took anti inflammatories and was soon better as is typical of the medial disc herniation. But before it healed, after a trivia it came roaring back, much worse. The characteristic crossed sign was evident; sitting in a chair, straightening the right leg provoked severe left back pain and tingling in the leg. He's doing well.

3. Severe lower back pain is scary; just ask Mrs P. Just watching her get out of the car I she was in trouble; she had a slipped disc at L4 making her lean towards the opposite side; luckily she had no pain in the leg. Despite family pressure that this was far too severe for a chiropractor, she persevered. Within five days she was standing upright, and after two weeks almost painfree. 

Despite a hectic job, she wisely took my advice and stayed home for what I call exercising bed rest.

4. Mr S has had lower back, groin and back of thigh and calf pain for fourth months.

He has a pincer deformity in the hip causing the stabs in the groin, and a degenerative facet causing the sciatica. Both are responding well to chiropractic and he's well pleased; sixty five percent better after three treatments.

5. Mr T is a wise man; he's taken a warning TIA seriously and has lost 15 pounds, and has at least as much again to lose. A change to a low starch diet and half hour daily walk has made the difference; but the walking is making his foot and back miserable. The expensive orthotic is hopeless; luckily his hips and back are fine, but he needs a simple heel lift.

6. I too have had serious lower back issues, luckily fixed by my own chiropractor; so I too have to do my exercises, take care when lifting supers full of honey, gardening and using the chainsaw. Regaining the function of your spine is just as important as the pain.

7. My own granddaughter, only 7 is hypermobile giving her pelvic, knee and ankle issues. Xrays show a mildly dysplastic hip. Years ago we would have called it growing pains. She too regularly needs chiropractic care and luckily responds well. Increased range of motion is more difficult than too stiff in my opinion. Our care is for kids too.

8. This 65 year old lady is a serious gardener; every day she is bending, lifting and digging for 2 to 3 hours a day. It regularly catches her in the sacroiliac joint, so she has a treatment once a month that sorts it out. She does her lower back exercises faithfully.

9. This 88 year old lady is an inspiration; every day she is busy in the community. With a nasty scoliosis she manages very well with a chiropractic adjustment every six weeks and exercises faithfully done.  

10. Mr X is a 71 year old retired man who wants to continue with maintenance care every six to eight weeks; he had suffered from two years of lower back pain when he first came a year ago. He has no discomfort now after 8 chiropractic treatments, but is aware that danger lurks.

11. Mrs C has been having severe headaches, and taking a lot of analgesics. It's a non complicated upper cervical facet syndrome, and she's doing well.

12. Mr D is a 38 old year man with chronic shoulder pain after a rotator cuff tear playing cricket. It responded well to treatment, but he knows he must do his exercises every day; for two years he couldn't sleep on that shoulder.

13. Mr D, a 71 year old man, has a severe ache in the shoulder and midback since working above his head. Trapped nerve tests are negative but he has advanced degenerative joints of Luschka; after just two treatments he is 50 percent better. Can we reach 90?

And so the day goes; chiropractors shouldn't be treating the elderly most medical sites state but that's so much bunkum.

Have a problem that's not getting better? Looking for a different slant on your pain? Want to pose a question?

Interesting questions from visitors

CLS writes:

Greetings, Dr B.
You helped me quite some time back with a soothing and professional response which turned out to be exactly correct. I now consult a local chiropractor. You write a superb newsletter, too.

Your own unresolved problem. Pose a question

Knowing that up to 70% of the time the correct diagnosis is made with no examination, no special tests, no xrays, but just from the history, there's a fair chance I can add some insight to your unresolved problem. But at least 30% of the time, I may be quite wrong! Give plenty of detail if you want a sensible reply.

You visited this chiropractic help site no doubt because you have a problem that is not resolving and want to know more about what chiropractors do.

The quickest and most interesting way is to read one of my ebooks of anecdotes. Described by a reader as gems, both funny and healthful, from the life and work of a chiropractor, you'll love them. Priced right at $2.99, though Kindle fiddles the price without telling me.