Chiropractor Cape Town city centre

Chiropractor Cape Town city centre helps you find someone who can help you with your neck pain or low back pain.

Whilst there is very strong research (using the gold standard Random Clinic Trials) proving that Chiropractic is more effective than anti inflammatory drugs (safer too) for conditions such as low back pain, the research for other conditions such as Infantile Colic is less powerful. Nevertheless, many chiropractors' offices are often filled with children...

  • Dr Beffa, Rob, 11 Eaton Road, Tamboerskloof, (021) 4222962
  •  Dr McCallum, Roy, The Rivers Club, Observatory Road, Observatory, (021) 448 7441/59
  •  Dr Dixon
  •  Dr Keating 

Neck pain treatment

Neck pain treatment is vital with so many whiplashes in South Africa; our roads are the second most dangerous in the whole world.

During any 12-month period 70% of the general population, and 48% of workers, experienced neck pain. Research reveals that 11.5% of the general population will experience pain that is so bad that it qualified for DISABILITY.

Professionals at Chiropractor Cape Town city centre are available to help you with  chiropractic neck pain treatment.

Tingling in arms and hands

Tingling in arms and hands is by far the most read page at this site. 8,619 folk read the page yesterday, for example.

Whilst very occasionally tingling in the limbs may be caused by serious neurological diseases like Multiple Sclerosis, the underlying cause of tingling in arms and hands usually lies in the lower neck or with a first rib subluxation. Those at Chiropractor Cape Town city centre are available.

Because the latter disturbs BOTH the nerve and the blood supply to the arm it is usually the underlying cause of conditions such as frozen shoulder and carpal tunnel syndrome ...

Can a Chiropractic manipulation be dangerous? STROKE CHIROPRACTIC ...

There are dangers associated with every treatment and whilst it's true that one in 6 million neck manipulations may cause a stroke it's far safer than swallowing bucketloads of anti inflammatory drugs.


CAM really stands for Complementary and Alternative Medicine. Debate rages, some chiropractors are happy with being Complementary to medicine, others feel we are definitely an Alternative, and others want to be part of mainline healthcare.

I hedge my bets. We certainly offer an alternative to the usual medical approach of drugs and surgery, but in reality we also stand alongside medicine.

And it wouldn't bother me if we became part of mainline medicine, provided we retain an element of independence; like dentists do.

Sacroiliac joint inflammation

Sacroiliac joint inflammation is a fairly rare, but serious condition. What comes as a surprise is that it often responds well to Chiropractic care. Here you can also learn about sacroiliac joint anatomy.

Low back pain

Low back pain is the most common complain at the chiropractic coalface.

Few things worry insurers more that the proven fact that the more money thrown at low back pain in the last fifteen years, the greater the disability that has resulted. On average, folk would be far better off if governments made zero provision for low back pain ...

Better still, go and exercise, take a week of massaging bed rest by all means if the pain is so severe that you physically can't get into the car, but get back to work as soon as possible, even if you are still miserable. And see your local chiropractor for your lower back and leg pain ....

A combination of free weight loss programs and lower back exercises is often a huge part of the solution.

Whilst the directness of the Dutch people comes across initially as abrupt and rude, it's something I've come to respect. Because it is intrinsically more honest, that always wins out.

So, here goes. Sorry, but if you're seriously overweight, there is only pain ahead.

Back, knee, and ankle joint, and diabetes; think rather of our free weight loss programs.

And if you're a smoker and obese, well then it's just a disaster waiting at your door. Direct, rude, abrupt, and TRUE. All of the above plus a stroke or heart attack.

Start your children on Water for Kids, rather than all the fizzy drinks on the market today. Otherwise they too will be needing to go on our free weight loss programs. A litre of a common cola contains an unbelievable 32 teaspoons of sugar; obesity; all you are doing is selling sickness to your children.

"Those who will not hear, must feel."

Dutch proverb.

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