Young man dealing with spine issues for years

by Eric Gibson
(Macon, MO)


I have dealt with issues related to my back and spine for years. The only real relief I find it through Chiropractic care. To sum up my story, when I was 18, I started having awful muscle spasms and instability. Over the next year into my freshman year of college, it got worse and all Drs. wanted to do was pump medicine into me. Some wanted to call it Ankylosing Spondylitis, but could never confirm. I got sick of medicine and feeling bad, so I started working with a great Chiropractor on a regular basis. After a couple months, he had me feeling better than I had in many months. He primarily worked on horrific subluxation issues, posture and a few other issues I was having.

Although he helped me out a ton, I still have regular chronic pain and fatigue in my back. I also find myself in pain from ribs that have been pulled out of place. I still rely on chiropractic care quite heavily sometimes, but would like to become less dependent. I have been to many chiropractors and Drs. who have stated they've never seen someone my age with so many back issues.

The point of this message, I would like to find ways to lead a healthier, less painful lifestyle, but I'm kind of at a loss of how I can do this. Is there any advice, suggestions you'd be willing to make for me to help me to improve my lifestyle?



Dear Eric,
Don't feel all alone. You are certainly not the only young person suffering from chronic back pain. We see them all the time in our chiropractic clinics.

The reasons are many. Perhaps a short leg, an anomaly at L5, old injuries from childhood, Scheuermann's disease, and five hundred others...

My best suggestions:
* A disciplined daily exercise programme, focusing on your weak areas. If the lower back, do them in bed before getting up. See our lower back exercises @ C-H.

* Accept there are some things you shouldn't do. You probably know what they are. Prolonged sitting is often very difficult for the back, laptops, moving furniture...

* An occasional, but regular chiropractic adjustment. Perhaps once a month, once in two months... you have to work that out with your chiropractor.

Your concerns are valid, and too much manipulations isn't healthy either. But what's too much isn't defined. I try not to treat more than 25 times a year, and I think that's probably too much, but there are some very nasty backs out there.

Good luck and God-speed. Let me know how you get on with those exercises. EVERY day now...

Dr b

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