whiplash neck injury and numbness of ring finger and pinkie

by Shal

An year ago I was assaulted by somebody. I was slapped hardly on my back of my head several times and my hair was pulled backwards roughly same time which lead to whiplash injury. Severe neck pain, pins and needles in my left hand fingers now ended up in chronic neck pain and numbness of my left palm during night time sleep.

Now for the last three day I feel pain, numbness and left hand gets cold. What it could be? I am 30 year old female with 5 year old child. Shall I take vitamin like Vitamin b12 , b 6 to fix my nerve problem? Took amytryptilyn once 6 month ago but not happy with side effect. So worried about my health and future.

Hello Shal,
Horrible injury. I hope if you know who it was that you laid charges with the police.

The ring finger and pinkie belong classically to the eighth cervical nerve root; it emerges from where the neck meets the upper back.

You almost certainly have a pinched nerve in the neck. If it's been a whole year, and now getting worse it's certainly time to do something more than take drugs.

First step in my book is to get an xray of your neck and, if you can organise it, a scan. It's expensive.

Do movements of your neck, particularly turning to the left and looking up, cause pain in the neck, and does it immediately radiate down your arm?

If you prick you fingers, does it feel different in the right hand? Is there any weakness in the fingers?

There are legal issues involved. You've been assaulted and severely injured. I would suggest you see a lawyer, and simultaneously get the xrays and there's a decision to be made. Are you going to go the medical route and see a neurosurgeon, or do you want to go the chiropractic route? Both are going to cost.

You can't do nothing; there's a good chance your arm will go lame. What's needed initially is a good thorough examiantion to elicit the extent of the injury.

Start doing your homework, talking to people and decide who you are going to consult. Soon.

Let us know how you get on. I hope this contributes.

Dr B

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