whiplash, head injury, right groin pain after car accident

by George

I was in a car accident in 2009. I was in a head on accident, passed out, had head injury, right groin pain, pain in both shoulders, both knees, and pain all over. I described all these symptoms to the doctors that were and some are still treating me.

After a year one of the doctors finally said I was suffering from whiplash, sent me to a pain specialist for my neck and lower back pain. He injected me with steriod shot in my neck and lower back. The shots have helped relief some of the pain, but not completely. None of the doctors have followed up with any of the other symtoms, however.

I still suffer from headaches, dizzy spells, blurred vision, memory and concentration, fatigue,right groin pain that shoots from my groin to my hips and lower back, buttocks, behind both legs, down to bottom of feet to toes.

I get panic attacks when I drive or when somebody drives me to some appointments.

I had orthoscopic surgery on left knee, but still have lots of pain, right knee was also injured but doctors are too slow with treatment, had rotator cuff tear on both shoulders. Had surgery on left shoulder, but still very painful, specially when I use the seatbelt. the ortheopedic Dr says he doesn't know why.

I don't think I should be driving but doctors are afraid to put restrictions on my driving. They think I am just making up my symptoms.

I would appreciate your knowledge to this matter.

The air bags did not go off.

Hello George,
Research shows 50% of whiplash victims will have ongoing symptoms, probably for the rest of the lives. I'm not being negative, but accepting that your body will never be the same is important.

Obviously it's impossible for me to examine you and make a diagnosis. You've made no mention of chiropractic. Isn't it time to see a local DC? Take all your X-rays with you, and don't expect miracles. Rome wasn't built in a day.

What I would recommend is daily gentle exercises for your hip, back and shoulders in bed before arising each day. There are neck and knee exercises too, but best done sitting. Use the Search this site function at C-H.

It was obviously a very serious accident, George. Be pleased that you are alive.

Let us know in a month or two how you get on with chiropractic and the exercises.

Dr B

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