What excercise can heal rhomboid bursitis

by Anup D.
(Pune, India)

Dear Sir,

My name is Anup, I'm 30.

Last month I've been diagnosed with rhomboid bursitis.

I was feeling pain in upper back (Near the joint of sholder blades)
My Ortho. told me it is called as rhomboid bursitis and he suggested me to take complete rest for a month or so.

It may have been triggered because I started excercising after a long Gap followed by Table Tennis & long drive.

Now it doesn't pain me that much, but minor pain is still there.

Can you please suggest some good excersize/ yoga to come over it?

Anup D.

Hello Anup,
It's good that it's getting better.

With your elbow in front of you, grasp your elbow with your other hand and pull across your body. You should feel it in the posterior shoulder and midback.

Then with your elbow above your head, reach across again with your other hand and stretch across behind your head.

If it's purely muscular that should fix it; but there may be an underlying joint problem in the lower neck or midback.

I hope this helps.

Dr B

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