What could of happened to my lower arm?

by Chloe

is there any tingling in the fingers?

is there any tingling in the fingers?


On Thursday July 6th 2017 later on during the day around 7:30-8:30ish I started complaining about the lower half of my arm hurting. It hurt to move it and bend my hand around and it felt like someone had stabbed me.

On Friday around lunch time I went to open a small bag of goldfish and I couldn't because it hurt too much; then I got an ice pack and iced my arm for about 15 minutes and then when I took it off my aunt said that it looks a little swollen.

And ever since Friday it has been swollen and has hurt like heck; also when you feel the swollen part you can feel that there is something wrong/there that shouldn't be.

Hello Chloe,
When you say 'it hurt to move it', where exactly and which movements?

Where is this swollen part, and does it throb? Is there no sign of an insect bite?

If you raise your arm above your head, without bending the elbow or wrist, or turn your head, does it provoke anything?

A thrombosis can VERY RARELY occur; as they say, if you hear hoofbeats, don't go looking for zebras. But it is possible.

Like all such conditions, if it continues for more than another day or two, I'd get a professional opinion. Meantime go on exercising care, icing it, and so on.

Dr B

» What could of happened to my lower arm?

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Jul 12, 2017
What could of happened to my lower arm??
by: Chloe


Where it hurts to move and hurts in general is probably about an inch under my elbow. And the swelling is about the same; probably an inch under my elbow; and it doesn't throb; it just hurts with certain movements such as moving my wrist down.

Also there is no sign of an insect bite.

Also, when I put my arm above my head, it does not provoke anything.

There are a lot of important structures in that region; muscles, the median nerve, the brachial artery, and so on. If it's actually swollen, I would recommend you consult your medical doctor first. A thrombosis is not common, but should be ruled out.

Dr B

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