weird tingling numbness going down breast to nipple

by Claire
(Burlington, VT)

I definitely have rounded shoulders and shortened chest muscles. When I lift my left arm over my head it sends this tingling weird feeling down to my left nipple and down left center of chest. I also am very gassy in the chest area. I have had an ekg and everything is fine. This also happens when I try to take a walk.

Hello Claire,
Firstly, press firmly on the joints between the ribs and your breastbone. Are any more tender on the left?

In general does your left arm tire quickly when working above your head as in hanging washing? Is there also tingling in your arm, or only on the chest?

Any lower neck or midback pain?

A difficult test. Locate the radial pulse in the left wrist. Turn your head to the left, look up and then take in a deep breath. Does the pulse diminish markedly?

Let me have some answers, keeping to this thread.

Dr B

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