Weakness in right shoulder, trapezius, pectoral and bicep. Also winged scapula

How can this curse be corrected? I've tried various stretches, nerve slides, and an exercise similar to a push up but without bending elbows.

I need more information. Do you have pain? How old are you? When did it start, and who has examined you? Do you have any familial diseases? Does turning your head hurt? Where? Is there any tingling and numbness, and if so, where? Have you had any injuries to your neck or shoulder? Has a diagnosis been suggested?

Dr B

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Dec 29, 2015
unstable shoulder
by: Anonymous

When I stop doing stretches and nerve slides, there is some pain behind my front deltoid. This has been a problem since I began working out 15 years ago. I am 37. I've never seen a specialist due to lack of funds. GP told me he did not know very much about this kind of thing and prescribed some pills. No injuries that I can recall.

Part of this looks like a rotator cuff in the shoulder; however, weakness, especially in the absence of pain, is always of concern. Reflexes, skin sensation, nerve stretch tests, and exactly which muscles are weak needs to be followed up.

As does a winged scapula. Muscle diseases need to be ruled out.

You've had extra cash in your pocket from not paying insurance premiums; now is the time to spend it. See a neurologist.

Dr B

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