Weakness in my left leg. I think its Femoral Nerve

by Harry

Hi Doc,

I really liked your site and the video assosiated with femoral nerve.
I am suffering from some kind of problem from last 5 months and doctors are unable to cure it completely.5 months back i had a jerk during masturbation and i would say i did that in little excess.Since that day i am facing the problems in my left leg.One of the doctors told me that its genitofemoral nerve that got affected.

Problems I am facing-
1)Weakness in my upper thigh.I performed the tests as you mentioned in the video above (Static and femoral nerve Muscles.m4v)
2)Weakness in my lower leg (calf muscles)
3) Stretching of nerve in my whole left leg (More prominent)
4)Tingling in my left leg starting from the bottom of my Penis to the foot
5)Sometimes pain in my bottom of the foot when i walk after masturbation
6)Pain in my lower leg after i walk (Prominent)
7)I feel extra weight on some of the nerves in thigh when i walk little more
8)There is always a sensation as if there is some kind of extra pressure somewhere in my Whole leg

Kindly suggest some way to get rid of this problem i would be very thankful to you.


Hello Harry,
Frankly, I'm not sure. The complaints you have cover more than the Femoral nerve, and anything affecting more than one nerve makes diagnosis very difficult. Particularly as you make no mention of back pain.

I would have a diabetes test, and see a neurologist.

Sorry not to be more helpful.

Dr B

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