weak legs and not able to sit or stand

by wandia cecilia
(mombasa kenya)

My mother started in 2009 with pain on her left shoulder joint, this continued slowly to difficulty in standing and walking. Was this due to pain or weakness?

she was given a treatment of vitamins which enabled her walk again, this was short lived because she fell on her back, but no injury seen on x-ray; her scan shows nothing but since May 2010, she has never walked again, she can not sit on her own, and when i try to support her to stand, its like her legs cant straighten.

Hello Cecilia,
When you say your mother can't sit or stand, is this due to pain in her or legs, or due to profound weakness of the muscles?

Is there numbness of the lower legs?

Seeing that vitamins helped I'm thinking of a vitamin B1 (beri beri) or B12 (pernicious anemia) deficiency.

If she has pain, then it sounds like a problem in her spine but you mention no back pain.

Big question: pain or weakness, what stopping her?

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Feb 26, 2018
Looking for a Chiropractic in Mombasa
by: Anonymous

Hi. My daughter who is 19 years now started having back pains 4 years ago. I once took her to a bone specialist who said that one of her hips is higher than the other. Right now her tailbone and her right hip are so sore that she can hardly sit or walk straight. The pain makes her right leg shake all the time and, at times, the right leg becomes numb. Can a chiropractor help her? Are there any Chiropractors in Mombasa? She is in so much pain. Please tell me how I can help her.

Hello Florence,
I trained with a chiropractor from Kenya, but that was 40 years ago and he was ahead of me; I confess I've forgotten his name. I think he was from Nairobi.

I'm concerned about that leg shaking; that's unusual and invites questions as to whether there's something more complex going on. Are her reflexes normal?

Is she doing lower back exercises? That is vitally important; she can find them in the navigation bar at Chiropractic Help.

Have you got x-rays? A copy to Contact would help me. I wish I could be more helpful. Perhaps ask her to continue this, giving me a lot more detail.

I have a lot of questions to ask her, and tests that she could do at home.

Dr B

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