Vomiting and tingling in my arm and fingers after treatment

by Shelly
(Nb canada)

I had an adjustment yesterday. When I got home I began to throw up and had a massive headache. I also had tingling in my arm and pinkie and ring finger on the left side.

Hello Shelley,
This is potentially serious and, for the present, I would strongly recommend no further manipulation of your neck for the present.

You absolutely must contact your chiropractor, and go and discuss this, but my strong recommendation is no adjustments at this time. Perhaps with an activator, but certainly no frank manipulation of the sort I do, and probably your chiropractor too.

There was probably a disturbance of the vertebral artery that passes up through your neck, and supplies amongst other things the inner ear, hence the nausea and vomiting.

Personally I would continue to treat you, but very conservatively without any adjustments.

If this was your first visit to said chiropractor, then I would change. If you've had many treatments over the years and know the person well, then go back and discuss this fully. If he plays it down, and won't take you seriously, go elsewhere. Don't let him adjust you again for the present.

This can and does happen to chiropractors occasionally. I've had two patients myself in 35 years who reacted as you did. No further treatment for the present is the rule.

Let me know how you get on.

Dr B

» Vomiting and tingling in my arm and fingers after treatment

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