Vibration/buzzing in groin area


Two years ago I injured my L4, the MRI showed that I had a torn my L4, as my doctor put it I was broken; two weeks later shingles set in and as a result I still have numbness in my left foot, big toe side. I have been going to my Chiropractor and he has been helpful in keeping my back healthy by doing some active relief therapy on me.

Two years later, I am now experiencing a buzzing feeling in my groin area. At first I thought I was feeling Earth Tremors or Earth vibrations but now I am feeling it constantly. Is this as a result of my injury?
Please help me identify what could be causing this.

I would appreciate any advice you could give me.


Hello Lynne,
I confess I'm mystified. If you put your hand on the vibrating area, can you feel the movement in your hand? Then it could be what is known as a fasciculation; there are numerous causes, some serious, others totally benign.

The area is supplied by the femoral nerve, and perhaps by the superior cluneal nerves, but they emerge from much higher in your spine than the nerve affecting your foot.

I'd be inclined to get an opinion from a neurologist.

Dr B

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