Very difficult walking, gait closed from understanding limping

by Michelle
(Macon, Georgia US)

I was first injured in an accident when I was 19 years old; I am 50 years of age now. The second car accident, was when I was around 27 years of age; hit from behind. Both times.

Also my brother finance had toys on her floor I was walking downstairs fell on my knee, bone has been sticking out so much lately. Happen almost 17 years ago.

Dec 2015, I also fell at home on my left side, I drag my left leg. I went to a doctor he sated one side my left side shorter than my right leg. My gait closed. Can not walk with both legs swinging. I drag my left left sometimes needing assistance.

My pain in the middle of my back. I do have swelling almost daily. I've been seen by (Neurosurgeon, one last year Dec 2015 and the other, last month Nov 2016 they both have said back is fine.

Chiroprator, treatment started 2012 ended Sep 2014 focus was my back for two years. Now after all this time finding out no back issues, from Neurosurgeons. Then not to complicate the matter. I had an Ortho doctor see me, August 2016 of this year said Foraminal Stenosis. My matter has gotta worse, with what I truly need. I can usually feel the pulling in my low back when I cross my leg, righ over left leg that is. Like there is a sticking of some sort. Especially when stretching or any kind of physical activity with my spouse.

This year April until May 2016 I have had physical Therapy as of this year, for six weeks, they focused on my back more so than anything. Not their fault. They noticed I dragged my leg, didn't get much leg attention or exercise for my leg. They always had me lying down more than anything.

I was injured 2011, my mom slipped fell on me. My weight at that time 145 lbs, hgt 5.3 my mom weight 185lbs or more hgt 5.8
I am about 125, now.

I am such need to see, if going back to a Chiropractic, can help me regain my life back. Thank you so kindly, & May you be blessed to help others as we seek for better & true understanding.

Hello Michelle,
I've done my best to correct things but your description is written so poorly that it's difficult to follow.

It seems that you have back pain, but the neurosurgeon says your back is fine; the orthopaedic surgeon, chiropractor and physical therapist appear to be of a different opinion.

Interesting that crossing your right leg over the left provokes the symptoms; that suggests to me that the problem is possibly in your sacroiliac joint, or even your hip itself.

I understand you are having difficulty walking, but I confess I don't grasp "gait close from understanding limping." Forgive me if English isn't your home language; then I'm being rude.

It seems to me that the basic problem is that there is no consensus on the diagnosis of your problem. And since I have no access to the important clinical data, I'm unable to contribute much on that score.

When walking is difficult, I always start with the hip itself, and the sacroiliac joint. Do you have groin pain?

You obviously have a real problem, Michelle, but I'm having difficulty understanding it.

Think about what provokes the pain, and where does it hurt? For example, is bending forwards painful, or backwards? Or to the side? Does pulling your hip to your chest cause discomfort? Where?

What do the x-rays and scans show?

Get some help with writing your reply please so I can better understand what's causing your pain.

Dr B

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