Very bad pain around rhomboid area

by David
(toronto canada)

Good evening,

I am going on 2 months of uncomfortable stiffness by my rhomboid. First it started off in the right side, and then the pain has gone to the left, followed by an extremely stiff neck. I just awoke and was in pain one morning; I have no pain or tingling in arms or legs. I have recently got deep massage therapy, stretched and taking hot baths. The very experienced massage therapist and doctor don't think it's a disc problem, but after almost 3 months now, I am in extreme pain when the massage therapist touches the area on both sides near the rhomboid.

I am not working right now, and all i have been doing to resting; my condition hasn't got much better except the stiffness in my neck has got a tiny bit better.

The doctor ordered a CAT scan, and I am waiting for to get it. I am also seeing a physiotherapist for an ankle injury and he said suggested go back to working out which I obviously haven't done in 3 months. This has effected my life greatly and me going back to work, any advice on what tests to get and so on would be greatly appreciated.

I am seeing another physiotherapist about this condition this week, but it just seems hopeless to get any answers or proper advice.

Hello David,
Obviously the stiff neck is connected to this. The Dorsal Scapular nerve comes from C5 in the lower neck and supplies both the rhomboid and the levator scapula muscles.

Rhomboid area pain is difficult both to diagnose and to treat. It may come from your neck, a rib subluxation, a condition in the midthoracic spine, the lungs. So a sound diagnosis is the first step.

Your doctor obviously thinks it is a bony condition, hence the CT scan. But of what area is being taken? Midback or neck? A thorough clinical examination to decide whether this is from your cervical or thoracic spine is vital. If it's from your neck, and they scan your midback, they won't find the villain of the piece.

If it is a disc in the neck, an MRI would be more useful that CT.

We have a saying in our profession: "if yours is not a chiropractic problem, spinal manipulation won't help; but if it is, probably nothing else will help."

Time for an opinion from an experienced and thorough chiropractor? Toronto is loaded with them. Start talking to friends and family, and your doctor.

Dr B

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