I fractured my proximal humerus 8 weeks ago. Started physical therapy and vertigo, positional laying or bending, started.

I had a massage today and she said scalenes are the tightest she has ever felt. I am a massage therapist and she has worked on me prior to fall. Advice please.

An important question; did the physical therapy involve manipulation of the neck?

Do you know if there was any nystagmus? That's a flicking of the eyes during the vertigo attack, lasting sometimes just a few seconds up to perhaps a minute. It's associated with a spinning of the world, falling, nausea and sometimes vomiting?

The carotids are immediately adjacent to the anterior scalene. Any undue pressure can affect the blood flow to the brain.

I ask all these questions as you suggest the vertigo started, not after the accident, but after the treatment.

Let me know.

Dr B

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