Upper thigh pain down the leg into toes

by Gerri
(San Antonio, TX. )

Which toes and where in the lower leg?

Which toes and where in the lower leg?

I've had several knee, femur and tibia replacements. Everyone came loose. I have allergies to many metals, nickel being the main one, also cement, cobalt and alloy particles. I've had that since I was old enough to wear jewelry. I always got infected, pussy and green wearing earrings or cheap jewelry.

After my last surgery I woke up with extreme pain in my inner thigh going down my leg into my toe. It's spread into my other toes up my foot. I've also had Polyneuropathy since childhood. All explained before each surgery. Three of the Surgeons studied at the Mayo Clinic. Possibly not something they teach there.

I now can't leave my leg down; the blood pools up to where it's unbearable. Leaves many things out in life. Standing in one place is very hard. When I sit I always have to have my leg up. I use a walker now to help with leg pain, also to keep my leg up when I'm able to.

Being in cars is almost impossible for more than a few minutes. In an airplane I get 2 seats to be able to put my leg up on my carry-on.

I am seeing a doctor in LA. He's working on new replacements. So far nothing without something that I'm allergic to. He found one that still has the polyethylene. Smith and Nephew has a hinged one coming out in 1 yr. Any suggestions? After reading your site I have a little hope. To be able to find the reason for this would really help with the pain I'm having in my thigh down my leg into toes. I did have L4-5 surgery. Plus C2-3. I have Anklosing Spondylitis throughout my body.

Hello Gerri,
I'm afraid I have little to offer beyond going back to the basics of healthy living. What's your weight like? When did you last enjoy an apple and 100% whole grain oats and wheat products? Do you exercise? Is there a swimming pool nearby?

Do you have an omega-3 rich foods in your diet? Fatty fish like salmon and freshly ground flax seed.

Do you have 6 to 10 coloured foods daily in your diet? For example, fresh green peas or beans, beets, blue berries, tomatoes and parsley or cilantro.

When you have widespread inflammtion it's imperative to look at the bigger picture.

Are your doing daily lower back and hip exercises? When did you last take a proper holiday. Do you ever talk to God?

If the answer to most of these questions is negative, then of course you are experiencing poor health, disability and pain.

Of course, I'm shooting in the dark, but I suspect a total lifestyle shake up is called for? The alternative is too ghastly to contemplate.
Dr Barrie Lewis DC


» Upper thigh pain down the leg into toes

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