upper thigh pain and tightness

Pain used to go away after moving around and stretching, now it seems to be worse after walking. The upper thigh muscle feels very tight when walking a short distance. If I sit in one spot too long it seems to make me stiff and I walk funny. This aggravation comes and goes but seems to be more present lately. Once in a while it travels to one buttock.

A year and a half ago I had a hip repair after a hard fall when jogging, but that is the other leg and that one seems fine.

The question is whether this is a nerve pain, or a hip issue; I'm inclined to the latter but obviously without a lot more detail I can't make even a tentative diagnosis.

I'm sure you would have had an x-ray of your whole pelvis a year ago; look up the report and see if there were any comments on this hip.

If you lie on your back and pull the knee to the chest, to the opposite shoulder and dropping your knee into lotus position, do you get significant tightness and pain in the groin or hip?

The walk funny is of concern; it's affecting your gait. What's needed in the first instance is a diagnosis and that means a thorough examination.

Dr B

» upper thigh pain and tightness

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