Upper Limb Tension test

by Chris

Uncovertebral = joint of Luschka

Uncovertebral = joint of Luschka


»Upper Limb Tension Test

For eight years I have battled with pain in my shoulder and radiating hand pain. No one found anything. I carried out this test http://youtu.be/ItDS1qJFKyo and the right side is totally different from the left; it doesn't replicate the pain but there is a deep right sensation down the arm; my pain kicks in when weight is applied.

I am a programmer by trade; could this be the cause?

Hello Chris,
I doubt programming is the cause of your troubles but it's certainly an aggravating factor. Make sure your mouse arm elbow is supported. Ideally have the keyboard and mouse on a tray that slides out just above your lap.

That test, the Upper Limb Tension Test, is for an irritated or frankly pinched nerve. Which fingers are affected?

The most commonly affected muscle is the triceps. Lie on your back and using first your left arm, then the right, how many times can you straighten your elbow with a brick in your hand? Is there a marked difference? Does your right arm tire more quickly?

Do you know if the reflexes were affected? Take a pin and prick your arms and hands. Is there a difference? As accurately as you can, describe where.

There are numerous possible causes. It's unlikely to be a slipped disc as it's gone on so long, but it may have started there. More likely is a degenerate uncovertebral joint after an old whiplash. Have you had xrays taken? Got a report for me? Or send jpegs to contact.

Do you have neck pain? If you turn to the right, and then look up, what happens?

If you raise your arms above your head as in using a screwdriver at ceiling height, does your right arm tire very quickly. What happens if you carry a computer case in your right arm?

A cervical rib is one of the possibilities, as is a thoracic outlet syndrome. What's needed is a careful and thorough examination. Has no one ever done the ULTT on you before? It's standard procedure. Another is Adson's test.

Let me have some answers, keeping to this thread.

Dr B


»Upper Limb Tension Test

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Aug 16, 2015
by: Chris

First of all thank you for your reply.

The test you sent is totally different from left to right.

Using a screwdriver above my head, pins and needles and just can't do it. Right shoulder sticks up when laying on my back and right shoulder is dropped when you look from behind. X-rays are clear; no extra rib.

Chris, I need answers to the other questions too. If you want answers, you have to give me more information.

Into google, type winged scapula. Is that what you mean by 'right shoulder is dropped?

Dr B

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