Upper leg weakness

Lose strength at top of leg while walking

While walking, i go weak, almost like a pinched nerve, at the very top of the front, center of my right leg where the leg connects to the rest of me. Like where the superior ramus part of the pelvis would be. I actually buckle and it hurts when it happens. Use to happen occasionally but now much more on a regular basis. Also, when it does happen, it usually will happen a few times in a row.

What's needed is a careful thorough examination of your hip and groin. It's possible that you have a pinched nerve in the pelvis or back, but more likely you are experiencing pain inhibition. When something hurts suddenly, it gives not so much because of a pinched nerve as inhibition of the movement.

So, the question is, what is causing that inhibition? It could be a hip condition, or a condition of the pubic ramus as you suggest, or a referred pain from the sacroiliac or lumbar spine.

Try to find out what increases and reproduces your pain. Bending? Pulling your knee to the chest? Climbing stairs, pressing in the groin etc.

Time to see your doctor or local chiropractor.
Dr Barrie Lewis DC


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