Upper Left Leg pain

by E. P. McLoughlin
(Rigaud, QC)

Good evening. Left leg pain

I am 81, I am somewhat overweight - 5' 9" and 184 lbs.

I have had a triple bypass in 2001, and a pacemaker in 2005. Blood pressure is 120/80. Sleep well and enjoy life.

For the last year my feet have a 'frozen' feel. I sleep with feet elevated 4".

I am on Coumadin 3.25mg, Lasix 40 mg/prn and Norvasc 10mg.

In the last week I have started to have pains in my upper left leg - I need to assist the leg into the car. Pain is fine when sitting or still. Walking is somewhat slow but is alright. I did have to eject in 1956 and that leg has been somewhat weaker than my right ever since. Total knee prosthesis in 2005. Both knees now feel the same.

I wondered if it might be something to do with peripheral arterial disease - or somehow cardiac related.

Thanks for your help.

E. Peter McLoughlin.

Hello Mr McLoughlin,
Nice to get a letter from someone who took grammar at school, and can write in English!

Don't worry about your weight, it's fine. I very much doubt a factor.

The fact that you get the pain when for example having to get into the car, having to lift your leg, suggest this is not vascular, but probably to do with the hip, or the muscles of the hip.

The sudden onset tells us it's not arthritis, but some sort of a strain / sprain, quite likely a groin muscle.

Start by lying on your back, in bed, with your hips and knees bent. Gently pull the knee to the chest 10x, and then rotate the leg another 10x. Avoid sharp pain.

Then, hips and knees still bent, feet on the bed, place your hands under your buttocks to stabilise the pelvis. Raise one knee towards the chest, and then straighten the knee and hip until the leg is just above the bed. Perhaps don't go all the way in the beginning. If it's sharp pain, then go until the pain increases. Do this a few times.

Try lying on your back and moving that hip around, trying to provoke the pain. Let me know what hurts. I hope this has contributed.

Give it a week, perhaps two. If it still hurts, then I'm afraid you need to look up your local chiropractor.

Eject? I take it out of an aircraft? Interesting life you've had. Ever flown a glider?

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Mar 22, 2011
leg solutions.
by: Anonymous

Thanks for the prompt reply. Despite your kind comments on my weight, it does leave me with too high a BMS. Hard to lose weight in winter with snow, ice and cold weather.

As to the ejection, yes it was from a jet on a Sunday morning and a Ukranian farmer met me within thirty seconds of landing with a glass of Scotch - never had such good service before or since!

I did a little glider flying , but only with an 'A' license as a cadet in England around 1946.

I'll try your suggestions and see how they help.

Again, thanks,


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