Upper Joint in the Neck is out of Place and Can't be Adjusted

by Dale P
(Pickering, Ontario Canada)

I have an upper joint in the neck that is out of place on a plane that cannot be adjusted. It is causing me some discomfort now leading me to ask if there is anything that can be done, even radical measures to reposition it?

Hello Dale,
I don't quite understand; did this occur after you slept on a plane?

Or is it out of place in one or other plane?

Why can it not be adjusted? Have you been to one or more chiropractors? It's true that sometimes it's difficult and one doesn't want to use brute force and ignorance to get it to move, but usually with some skill and technique one can achieve a correction.

Perhaps go to another chiropractor who uses a different technique. Like a Gonstead or activator practitioner.

I hope this contributes.

Dr B

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May 24, 2016
Alternative technique
by: Charlotte

My favorite chiropractor uses a sound vibration technique that I find more effective and long lasting than traditional manipulation. It is based on Applied Kinesiology, and he uses a drum that he rubs and it squeaks until the adjustment is made. The other hand holds a small tool to the vertebrae. It sounds bizarre, but it really does work. I am not sure where you would look for such a practitioner (we got lucky somehow), but I think it is worth a little research. If you live near Vancouver, WA USA, I can give you a referral, of course!

Thanks for this Charlotte; it does sound bizarre! But if it works for you, fantastic.

Dr B

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