Upper back pain down my left arm sometimes right, pins needles after surgery.

by Nicole
(Niagara Falls )

I had a disk fusion in c6-7; pain and headaches went away for about a few weeks then returned. Doctor says the X-ray is fine. I have other bulging disks in my neck but doctor also says those aren't touching anything; as of August was my last MRI.

But now I'm dizzy, headaches, a horrible, horrible burning ache everything in my upper back, pain in my arm more than before surgery. They are making me feel like I'm crazy but this is real. It effects everything I do.

My main concern why does my upper back in between my shoulder blades hurts so bad. Maybe it's not from my neck, something different?

Hello Nicole,
If in the surgery they took an anterior approach, your head and neck would have been put into extension for several hours; this is very hard on the cervical and upper thoracic spine; many people on coming round from surgery for other things have the same problem, because the same position is used by the anaesthetist.

The upper cervical spine is the usual source of neck related headaches, and often the subluxation is not seen on X-ray. If you prod in your neck, is there tenderness just below the skull?

However, because of the recent surgery, and the nausea, it's unlikely any chiropractor would treat you at the moment, and probably not for six months or more.

But in another few months, an upper thoracic 'anterior thoracic' adjustment doens't stress your neck and might bring considerable relief.

Is the 'upper limb tension test' positive in your arm? Find it using the search function at Chiropractic Help. Report that to the surgeon.

It's awful, Nicole, but the best you can do is go for regular massages and try and keep mobile and busy for a few months. Sorry not to be more helpful.

Dr B

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