upper back pain and left arm tingling

by angie
(maysville ky (USA))

I have been suffering from pain in my upper back (left side) below shoulder blade and towards middle back, tingling in my left arm and into ring finger and pinkie, sometimes feels like pain behind breast. This has been ongoing for several months. I have been to chiropractor, not much help, now I am worried about lung cancer, breast cancer, what should I do.

What's needed is a good general medical examination, Angie.

Whilst it's not likely you have cancer, it does need to be considered if you haven't responded to chiropractic.

You make no mention of neck pain. If you turn your head to the left and then look up what happens?

Using the search function at chiropractic help, find 'upper limb tension test'. You need a helper. Is it very tight or painful in the forearm?

Have you been xrayed? What do they show?

If you raise your left arm above your head does it relieve or increase the tingling in your arm?

What you decribe, if these tests are positive, is an impingement at the base of the neck or in the interscalene triangle. It typically radiates to the fourth and fifth finger; if a rib in the midback is involved then the pain may follow the rib under the breast to the sternum. A forceful manipulation in the midback may increase this rib pain.

Let me have some answers and we can take this further.

Dr B

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