upper back pain almost 3 years after totaling a truck.

Hello my name is Sally,

Can someone please help me?

Ever since I totaled a truck back in 2008. I hit a light pole and then hit a parked simi. The only visiable wonds I had were a rash from the seatbelt and a few tiny cuts on my hands and feet from broken glass. I didn't recieve and medical attention at the time. I felt fine so I didn't go to the hospital at the time.

Now it is almost 3 years after the accident, and I have been having sever back pain ever since it happened. The pain comes and goes from time to time. It does not hurt all the time nonstop. Ever once in a while my right hip and knee will hurt when I walk and put my weight on it. The pain hurts so bad I usually lay around the house for a few days every other month or so.

Could this pain in my mid-upper back and right hip and knee, be from the wreck I had 3 years ago?

Is it safe for me to get X-rays and work done if it is possible that I could be about 2 months pregant?

Hello Sally,
No, it's not good to have X-rays if you may be pregnant. Wait until after the delivery.

Certainly it sounds as though your problems are related to the accident. Seeing that you didn't have immediate pain, it's unlikely you broke anything, so your chiropractor can treat you.

Time to start looking for a good chiro in your neck of the woods. Keep active and exercise daily.

Good luck, let me know how you get on in a couple months.

Dr B

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Mar 12, 2012
Deep tissue massages
by: Anonymous

Hello first off your body will never be the same after your accident the best thing I suggest is to look up safe stretches for pregnancy because as you grow and your hormones change your body is going to change. You may look into getting some deep tissue massages that might help elieviate your symptoms. You may also consult your local chiro as well you should get a definate on the pregnancy though that should be a first. Hope this helps.

Unfortunately, Sally, this comment could be correct. Research shows that 50% of people who have a whiplash have some ongoing problems indefinitely. Don't let that depress you, but it's good to be realistic and accept that a "cure" may not be achievable.

We treat pregnant women all the time, no need to be anxious there, but yes do tell your chiro, of course.

A good massage helps just about everything! From allopecia to athlete's foot! I recommend.

Dr B

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