Unstable feeling with symptoms in upper neck.

by Tyler J

I am 3 years post injury where I fell heavily on my head from an ATV. I was not seen as an emergency the day of the accident.

The weeks following the accident I was in little to no pain at all; however started developing horrible symptoms that have sustained to this day.

I have seen many doctors, have had many tests and tried many different treatment modalities to no avail. What do you think is wrong? Have you seen someone like me get better? What should I do?

The symptoms are significant cracking and popping at the base of my skull, slipping out sensation, head falling off feeling, tinnitus, and heart palpitations. It has been very very disabling, and the weird thing is I have little to no pain.

The most significant pain is directly on either side of the t1 spinous process; stabbing pain). Please help.

Hello Tyler,
Are you able to use Dropbox? Could you load your x-rays and the report please. Get help from a techie if necessary.

Then, try to work out which movements of your head and neck provoke the symptoms, and very specifically where the discomfort is.

You make no specific mention of having consulted a chiropractor; is that correct? If so, what was the diagnosis.

Let me know, and let's take this further.

Dr B

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