Uncovertebral arthrosis

Uncovertebral = joint of Luschka

Uncovertebral = joint of Luschka

» Uncovertebral arthrosis

Hello, my mum has uncovertebral arthrosis of the spine; she also has rheumatoid arthritis. It's making everyday life difficult and if she moves wrong gets a really bad pain up into her head. Her left arm is numb and hand and left side of her face with occasional numbness. Would she benefit seeing a chiropractor? Thanks.

Yes, she probably would for several reasons. Firstly, uncovertebral arthrosis is not uncommon. Many of our patients have it and, whilst it's not curable, like diabetes it's certainly treatable. How successful the treatment is will be determined by how advanced the arthrosis is. It comes from an old neck injury by the way; perhaps a car accident many years ago that was badly managed.

The uncovertebral joints guard the nerve root as it exits from the spine, but when injured and degenerate can become the source of the irritation.

Secondly, the pain radiating up into her head is mostly unrelated to the arthrosis which occurs in the lower neck, and supplies the arm. Upper cervical subluxations generally are easier to manage; however rheumatoid patients must be treated with discretion. It can affect the ligaments in the upper neck.

Thirdly, the facial pain too is not caused by the arthrosis. One starts by examinating the jaw joints, but it can also be sinus or tooth related.

All in all, this is not straight forward. Start looking for an experienced chiropractor who is recommended in the community. She should take the xrays with her.

Dr B

» Uncovertebral arthrosis

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