two car accidents in five months

by Laura
(Westminster, CO)

Where do I find information on multiple traumas and how it affects the body? I had two car accidents in five months. Both were around 35-40mph. My airbag did not deploy in either accident. I sustained whiplash injuries in both accidents.

I am six months out of my second accident and I am improving, however, I am still dealing with pins and needles in my hands several times a day. I wake up in the morning with my hands completely numb. It takes an hour to 90 minutes for the feeling to return completely.

A chiropractic adjustment immediately relieves the pins and needles in my hands. A month ago, I went from two chiropractic treatments a week, to one a week. I still receive massage therapy weekly.

Because of pain and several months of inactivity, and more recently, limited activity, I am at my weakest physical fitness level of my entire life. Daily, I do foam roller stretching and conditioning, wall stretches, five pound weight arm exercises, static posture holds, some yoga poses and walking. I am gaining strength at a ridiculously slow rate. Initially, I could only do one of the above activities a day, as my body would scream at me if I did too much. I have worked up to doing all of them, every day.

Still, I have the pins and needles in my hands several times a day. The severity of it has lessened over time. It stems from my neck being out of alignment. My worry is that my inability to improve my fitness is slowing my recovery.


It sounds like you are doing okay in the awful circumstances, Laura. Car accidents leave their mark, and two certainly will.

Two suggestions; don't carry anything heavy in your arms if you are getting numb and tingling hands; I'd be cautious about those weights at this stage. That's hard, I know; who carries the shopping? Use a trolley as much as you can.

The second if a very broad generalisation; I find with serious neck injuries, less adjustments is often more beneficial. How much is less? Work that out with your chiropractor.

Thirdly you might try a traction unit, done lying down. The research is weak; on their own they don't help. But in conjunction with chiropractic, I find they do help. And not very expensive. Lie at home for about twenty minutes a day on your back with a stretch of about 5-10 pounds, perhaps more.

You might try our stiff neck exercises; use the search this site function at chiropractic help.

Good luck. A short daily massage from your partner would help too. Send him on a course.

Dr B

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