Tweaked my ankle, no swelling...

by Faith
(California, USA)

I am a competitive figure skater working on triple jumps. I am 5 feet tall and weigh 99 pounds. I had a grade 3 sprain on my right ankle--landing leg--in the summer of 2016.

This ankle is now more susceptible to "tweaks" such as the one that occurred today. I was working on one of my jumps and I tweaked it just a bit. It feels like the discomfort is around my outer ankle bone, but it doesn't hurt to touch it.

I feel the pain mostly when I rotate my foot inward or when I bend my knee deeply. How can I heal this faster? I have a competition in a week!

Hello Faith,
The Winter Olympics is over and I would cancel the competition next week.

You've had one serious injury, and your ankle is warning you that it's about to happen again; if you sprain it again in full flight, it's likely to be a grade IV this time, and your career will be over.

We all have weak places in our bodies in and minds; they need special attention. Do you do ankle exercises every single day? You must. If you were writing about your back, or your shoulder.... I'd be asking the same question. It's called prevention.

Do you follow a proper warm up and warm down routine? Did you complete it yesterday when you tweaked it?

You have probably subluxated one of the small ankle bones, it's unstable because the ligaments have been stretched making the joint hypermobile. It's very simple to reset that fixated talus or calcaneus and if there's not tissue damage the pain usually subsides within a few days.

See if you can find a chiropractor with a FICS postgraduate qualification; sports injuries. Phone the local chiro association for a name.

Good luck.

Dr B

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