Trying to find the right diagnosis after buttock injection

by Douglas

The wrong place.

The wrong place.

Trying to find the right diagnosis after buttock injection; did it affect the sciatic nerve?


I am trying to figure out the correct diagnosis. Two months ago I received an antibiotic shot in the upper right buttock and immediately it was hard for me to walk out of the doctor's office. After limping around for half an hour or so my gait returned to normal and I went on about my day.

The next morning I woke up with troubling right lumbar pain. Around L2 according to my physical therapist. That progressed to hot pain radiating around the right lumbar and then muscle spasms in the mid back. 2 weeks after the initial injury I went walking and felt hot pain down the leg.

I have gotten two MRI's (lumbar and pelvic region) and they show the nerves are "intact" and all else is normal. One of the MRI's was a neurography with contrast and it too showed the nerves to be fine.

Been at physical therapy numerous times a week with no improvements and my neurologist just keeps saying to give it time. At first I was worried about the injections hitting my sciatic nerve but since the pain is so much worse in the lumbar, hip area than the leg or lower buttock area I am wondering if maybe a different nerve was irritated.

Are there any stretches I can do to try and pin point which nerve is irritated/damaged?

Hello Douglas,
Do two tests for me when you've been off all painkillers and had no treatment for 24 hours.

1. Bend slowly forwards and tell me EXACTLY what you feel.

2. Ask a friend to help and do the slump test for sciatica; see below. Again report accurately what you feel.

The superior cluneal nerves need to be considered too; they pass from the upper lumbar area to the buttock. Use the search function at chiropractic help to find them.

Dr B

» Trying to find the right diagnosis after buttock injection

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