Trembling sensation between sholder blades and lowering arms

by Marism

After chiropractic adjustments between my shoulder blades and neck, I have been having a sensation of trembling between my shoulder blades. When I lower my arms I feel a juddering sensation, almost like my arms move mechanically. I have a trembling sensation between my shoulder blades and up my neck. The more I move my arms up and down, or squeeze my shoulder blades together the worse it gets - even my legs feel like they slightly tremble when I walk. This has been happening for 2 weeks, since my adjustments.

Hello Marism,
Frankly I'm not sure; I haven't come across this before. The first step is to talk to your chiropractor frankly about your concerns. If he or she ducks and dives, go elsewhere.

My first thought is to test the reflexes; is there any sign of hyper reflexia; increased reflexes.

Mostly these things pass, and yours hopefully too, but it's a legitimate concern.

Try and isolate exactly which movements cause the trembling; is it both sides? Is there any specific weakness for example if you bounce on one knee, or in opening a bottle?

Faced with this in my practice, I would go through the physical examination again, focusing particularly on any neurological changes, looking for numbness, change of reflexes and what we call paresis.

I'm sorry to be vague, but I'm really not sure.

Dr B

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