treatment for thoracic outlet syndrome?

by Sharon
(Bolivar, tn)

Has the artery been affected, or only the nerves?

Has the artery been affected, or only the nerves?

Treatment for thoracic outlet syndrome.

Is surgery an option to correct thoracic outlet syndrome?

Hello Sharon,
Yes, it is an option, but surely only when everything else has been tried. It's not a nice op, through armpit with quite a lot of risk.

There are many causes of TOS, so the treatment depends on the diagnosis. For example, one rare condition is a Pancoast tumour. The treatment then would be quite different to the most common cause which is a fixated first rib and allied scalene tumour.
The latter responds well to chiropractic adjustments of the rib, but the former wouldn't respond at all.
The key sign is a positive Adson's test; loss of the pulse in the wrist when moving your head and taking in a deep breath. Hopefully it's been done to confirm the diagnosis. Use the search function in the navigation bar at Chiropractic Help for more information.

Dr B

» treatment for thoracic outlet syndrome?

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