TOS - please help

Hi, I came across your website while searching for my symptoms. I thought they were due to a disc bulge thanks to an accident, with the bugle at C6-C7, but a neurologist ruled that out. I fell off a bike on my face at around 30 mph.

My symptoms all mimic the TOS group, constant pain in hand and fingers, tingling, and shoulder/upper back freezes up with spasm. I was just wondering if there is a way to distinguish between different kinds of TOS and the kinds of exercises that can reduce the effects of each.

It's been killing me for the past 5 years and I guess, its a big step forward to find something that at least explains my issues. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated, I live out of India and I believe many folks here haven't heard of TOS here, and I need to figure out how to get back to a productive life.


Dear Venkat,
Two signs are at the heart of thoracic outlet syndrome.

1. When you raise the arms, as in hanging curtains, or working above your head, the pain and tingling in the arm will increase. With a disc injury causing nerve impingement, the shoulder abduction relief sign is evident. Raising your relieves the tingling and ache in the fingers.

2. TOS will produce a positive Adson's test as both the nerve bundles to the arm, and the artery are affected. The pulse in the wrist is reduced following a certain procedure, and returns when returning the neck to neutral and expiring. It's not an easy test to perform.

Do movements of the neck provoke the pain and tingling in the arm? Is the upper limb tension test positive? Are movements of the shoulder painful?

Obviously, Venkat, I am unable to say whether you have TOS or not, but if you can give some answers to the above, I may be able to help further.

Use the Search function at Chiropractic help for more information about these terms.

Dr B

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