top foot pain

by phyllis elms
(castle rock colo)

I have pain in my left foot mostly on top where my toe meets my foot. X-rays show small amount of arthritis but this came on overnight and it hasn`t improved.

I have sharp pain on walking and it feels like it is broken. I have a walking boot which didn`t help, then my foot taped, no given celebrex and took one and within 40 mins pain was better...this sounds crazy as I know it doesn`t work that quickly... it is not all in my mind......


Hello Phyllis,

You probably have a condition called Metatarsalgia which occurs when there is a dropped transverse arch in the foot.

It responds well to the correct Chiropractic care of the foot - but not all chiropractors treat feet. You'll have to shop around...

Orthotics don't usually help.

Type Foot pain into the Search this site facillity at C-H. Lots of info.

Dr B

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