Too late for chiropractor?

by Val

One hip has no cartilage, cysts visible on xray and 2 new bone growths. Is replacement only option now? I am a bit overweight. Very busy lady. Still work at 66.

Hello Val,
Yes, it would appear so.

But it would depend on your expectations, circumstances and the clinical examination.

For example, if you are a poor candidate for an anaesthetic, and you are able to accept you'll get considerable relief but certainly no cure, then it might be worth considering.

It also depends on how disabled you are. If you can get about pretty well, have some discomfort, but it doesn't wake you at night and generally you can function, then it would also be worth considering.

Also, if the sacroiliac joint is involved, and it often is, then that too needs to be addressed. We see quite a lot of patients who after successful hip surgery still have a lot of pain; the SI joint is often the problem.

All in all, no easy answer, but my initial thoughts are that yes it may too late for a chiropractor to address the actual hip problem.

Dr B

» Too late for chiropractor?

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