Toes slipping out of joint


My left foot is much worse than my right foot. An area about two inches back from my toes on the bottom of my foot when depressed causes a joint in this areas to crunch, grind and move out of place.

When I do this there is not much pain but when it happens while walking that is another story, very painful. I have to manipulate my foot for the joint to go back to normal alignment. It does this sometimes getting out of bed after a night's sleep. As I said both feet are like this except my left is far worse than my right. Thanks

I'd start with an X-ray of your foot. You probably have some degenerative change there near the toes, the so-called MT-P joints.

It's causing a condition called metatarsalgia, it's very treatable with chiropractic, but not all chiropractors are knowlegeable about feet. You'll have to shop around.

Let me know what the X-rays show.

Dr B

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