Toes and feet numb and tingling

by Joyce
(revere Ma USA)

I have lumbar disk degeneration and my toes and upper feet are numb and tingling. Are there any exercises I can do to bring the feeling back in my toes and feet?

What type of chiropractic adjustments would help?

Hello Joyce,
You probably have a condition called spinal stenosis where the foramena where the nerves emerge are chronically compromised.

You can live with numbness and tingling; it's pain and weakness that is far more debilitating.

Pulling the knees to the chest opens those foramena, and I advocate a pelvic tilt, but you have to be careful not to arch your back too far. Keeping those facets mobile is vital.

In the navigation bar at chiropractic help you'll find lumbar exercises. Start with the ones for a facet syndrome.

Vacuuming is verboten. And you have to be careful with raking and sweeping too. Bending and twisting.

As for treatment, I personally like to use what I call a drop roll. It's done lying on the side, but with no intention of getting a click, though it might sometimes which is okay.

I hope this contributes. Accept that you won't get a cure; maintenance chiropractic care is what helps.

Dr B

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