TMJ help please


I'd like to know if you can help me find the Pterygoid muscle. I have some TMJ symptoms, especially plugged ars and ringing, some little pain. I know I clench my teeth at nihgt. The thing here is I live in Mexico and although there are Chiros here, none performs help for TMJ, so I'm looking into self help, and can't seem to find this muscle :)

Thanks a lot

Hello Gerry,
Firstly, there are two Pterygoid muscles, though the usual spoke in the wheel is the lateral pterygoid muscle.
Clinically though, don't assume that the Lateral Pterygoid is the problem, often it's quite normal and the pain is in the masseter or the Temporalis.
Put your index finger into your mouth, pulp facing outwards, between the cheek and your teeth. Open your mouth slightly.

Now slide your finger passed the wisdom teeth and you'll come to a tiny pocket. Pressing outwards, and you'll feel the Lateral Pterygoid. The Medial is less of a problem and difficult to find.

Dr B

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