Tingly arm

Tingly Arm

I was holding a heavy basket for a long time and now my left arm has a tingly feeling from the end of my shoulder down to my hand. It started a week ago. I have no pain or experience any dizziness. All of my fingers seem to be equally tingly.

The noteworthy feature here is that all fingers are affected; that points away from a nerve root entrapment, as in a slipped disc in the neck.

What I'm thinking is an entrapment in the interscalene triangle in the lower neck. What will confirm my thoughts is if the tingling increases if you raise your arm above your head as in hanging the washing.

The definitive examination is called Adson's test. In theory it's a simple non invasive process but it takes a skilled chiropractor to interpret the results. For me what's important is that the pulse in the wrist ceases during the procedure, and returns afterwards.

And the sign that you're cured is that the Adson's procedure no longer stops the pulse.

If all this turns out to be true in your case, and you have a first rib fixation, then it's simple to fix. Read up the pages at chiropractic help on thoracic outlet syndrome and interscalene triangle.

Let me know how you get on.

Dr B

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