tingllng from shoulder to arm and left side.

by Mafe
(daqytona beach,fl)

My lady is 56.

She just started working at a hospital cleaning rooms etc. Now she has shoulder, arm and hand numbness and tingling and some pain; she can't sleep.

I'm thinking too much strain from never working before to working 40 hours a week cleaning.

Also maybe dehydrated. What can she do?

You are right, Mafe. This is an overwork syndrome. She certainly has signs of a pinched nerve in her neck, but my advice is to suggest she go on to a half day job for a few months.

That may be tough as the employers may not like it, and half the money, but you'll be spending that on chiropractic treatment anyway.

If after six weeks there is no improvement then you have to take it further.

Let me know what happens.

Dr B

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